So, you want to go full-time in your online business, make a deep impact on the clients who desperately need you, and create a business that gives you financial freedom?


Let me guess...

- You desire to learn how to create content for your business that doesn't suck all your energy
- You dread creating content because it feels like no one is listening
- You are hearing crickets for your program even though you know it will help SO many people
- You are feeling stuck and confused on what to say that will actually get through to your potential clients
- You've debated giving up on your business because it's too difficult to get clients and get your name out there 

Does that sound familiar?


What if you were able to create effective and profitable content, and confidently market your programs so that dream clients are sliding in your DMs asking how to work with you?

This is the program that will ignite your passion for your business again - making you look forward to showing up for your audience, instead of dreading it.

This is a program that will grow your reach, visibility and consistent revenue while positioning you as the leader in your industry that people want to work with. 

  • 9+ On-demand trainings, plug-and-play templates, and more
  • Weekly live Q&A calls to provide the most support
  •  Lifetime access to program updates, Q&A calls, and FB group
  • Private FB community

What You Get



this program will help you...

  • Find CLARITY in who you're speaking to in your marketing, and the right things to say to inspire them to take action
  • Position yourself as the LEADER in your industry industry
  • Generate high-quality leads for your business, quickly and easily (and not feel sales-y)
  • Figure out a content strategy that feels authentic and aligned for you, while bringing in sales and clients
  • Make the best, most effective offer 
  • Increase your reach and visibility, getting you seen by the right people online
  • Use attraction marketing to your benefit
  • Learn how to sell that feels genuine and EASY

When you work with me, you can expect to feel empowered and supported. 

Working together should feel like a safe and collaborative space for you.

I work with passionate, empowered entrepreneurs who are willing to learn and grow in their businesses - they are open to new ideas and aren’t afraid to invest in themselves and their growth. They do whatever it takes to reach their goals. If this sounds like you, please apply to work with me below!

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"Chelsea is so fun to work with but she also pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped get me unstuck, which is exactly what I needed!" 

Before working with Chelsea, I was posting sporadically had no idea what to share or any sort of strategy. I really don't love social media. I was getting mixed results and had no clue how to show up impactfully or reach my ideal client. I wasn't having fun, I was stuck, I was getting in my own way. I'm still working on making content writing easy (it definitely takes practice!!) but I feel SO much more confident showing up for my audience and gaining more confidence by the day! I have seen huge growth in my visibility but more importantly, I feel like I'm able to be authentic to myself while gaining the right people. The tools and strategies she shared are invaluable! Also just feeling that she truly cares, is fully present, and wants everyone to succeed is amazing and to me, it makes all the difference! 

"Chelsea is such a joy to work with! She brings such a positive and optimistic view and really makes you feel like a close friend."

She is easy to talk to, knowledgeable, supportive, and an expert when it comes to marketing and positioning yourself on social. She really helped me to understand HOW I should be speaking to my ideal client and how to tie in my story and my ideal customer's pain points so that they knew that I was the person they needed to work with. She helped me have the confidence to increase my prices for 1:1 clients as well as the price of my course. Investing in myself by working with Chelsea really held me accountable and I don't think I would have had a 5-figure course launch if I hadn't hired her. Thank you, Chelsea! I am so grateful for you.

"I'm learning to step more into what feels good and I couldn't have gotten to where I am without having her help and guidance!!"

Before working with Chelsea I felt like I was stuck and not excited about my content and showing up, it felt hard for me to come up with topics, and never wanted to write content, like EVER. I felt like I had to do it a certain way, and I didn't love that. I was in a place where I wanted to share more of myself and who I am and Chelsea helped me do that. She also helped me realize that content doesn't have to be so structured and that speaking from your heart and showing up authentically goes such a long way. Because of that, I signed the majority of my clients while working with her and I am at a point where I am not taking on any more retainer clients for quite a while, I had my highest income months while working with her and those are just the tangible things I achieved. Although I'm still going through a content funk, I am continuously working towards speaking from my heart without the worry of judgment and that is all through this program.