3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Creating Content

September 19, 2021


I see you health/fitness entrepreneurs without clarity in your content strategy…

Let’s fix that shall we? Here are 3 pivotal questions to ask yourself when you’re creating content.

  1. Is this something my ideal client needs?

It’s super important to make sure your content is serving your ideal client, NOT you. Your content is to provide value to your potential clients, so if you’re posting about topics that they don’t need help with, you’ll be hearing crickets 🙂 It will help to ask your ideal client directly (via market research) what they need help with and what they are struggling with.

2. Is it clear what I do/provide?

Make sure to convey in your content what kind of transformation your services provide. What can the client expect when working with you? Is your profile and captions clear on what you even do? (I’ve come across a lot of profiles where I’m confused about their services) Once you are clear in your profile and content, it will show through in how you are educating and connecting with potential clients.

3. Am I speaking to pain points or just educating?

I’m all for an educational post (like this one, hi!), but get clear on what your goal is. Are you aiming to sell your program? Bring in elements of their pain points/struggles into your educational posts. When you speak to what they’re struggling with, that’s where the magic happens.

Are you asking yourself any questions before creating content? If not, I recommend it so that all your content make a big impact on your future clients.

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