PSA: Imitating another coach’s content will not help you grow

August 24, 2021

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Have you ever posted something because you saw another coach/service provider do it and it flopped?

Been there, done that. This creates massive amounts of ~overwhelm~ in my brain.

“Why can’t I get it right?” “Why does it work for her but not for me?” “WHAT am I doing wrong???”

Take a deep breath w me. You WILL figure it out. Content planning is hard AF.

Not only the planning part, but the finding authentic content to you and your brand part.

Comparing yourself to another person in your industry is not going to help you create a genuine brand that makes you $$$ and feels amazing.

Read it again.

That’s why in my ROI Content that Sells program, I work with my clients on going back to the basics…

We dive deep into WHY they started their businesses. What their purpose is. F what anyone else is doing 🙂

We don’t follow a rulebook on what you’re “supposed” to be doing. That doesn’t work for me in my business, so I knew it was likely happening to other business owners as well.

We create a custom strategy for you (that is super flexible). Won’t that feel really f*cking good when your content strategy is working with you to create so much impact with your potential clients?

If you’re ready to STOP comparing yourself to others and scale your business using your content to attract your dream clients, APPLY for the ROI Content that Sells program.