Everything you need to sell out your coaching program on instagram

August 6, 2021

If you’re having trouble selling out your coaching program on Instagram, you may be missing some elements in your strategy.

It can be super frustrating to try to sell to your followers only to be met with crickets.

Let’s take look at everything you need to sell out your coaching program.

  1. An Optimized IG Profile

This part is super important, first and foremost. I come across a lot of coaches who don’t have the right info in their Instagram profile. They are not set up to sell – meaning if their ideal client came to their profile, they’d be confused or not know what the coach even does! This is a problem!

I like to think of your IG profile as your resume. You should present all the info needed in order to get hired 🙂

Some things that I notice are missing are…

  • Highlights

  • an SEO friendly bio

  • What you do/who you help

  • etc.!

Audit your Instagram profile as an outsider looking in. Would you know what you do/what you offer if you were a stranger coming across your profile? Is it clear and concise? Do I want to message this person or am I still unclear if they could help me?

2. Content that Sells

person writing in notebook with laptop open next to them.jpg

The big Kahuna! Your content is one of the most important parts of selling your coaching program through IG. You want to be posting content that speaks to your ideal client and really gets inside their heads about what struggles they’re currently facing in their life or business. There are 5 different types of content I like to focus on:

  1. Problem awareness content

  2. Educational content

  3. Authority/credibility content

  4. Trustworthy content

  5. Selling content

I break all of these down for you in my mini course, Sell OUT Your Coaching (pssst – get $20 off using code BLOGFRIEND). When to use these types of content, examples of each type, and the WHY behind posting each of these!

3. Utilizing Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is such a great opportunity to build genuine connections with your audience and to make some sales! The people who watch your stories are great leads for you, because they trust you and you feel familiar to them. Stories are a place to get vulnerable, so your audience can get to know you on a deeper level there.

If you’re unsure about how to sell on your Stories, download my free unique framework here that shows you how to structure your Stories and how to get people messaging you about your programs.

4. Lead Generation

What you focus on, grows. This is my philosophy when it comes to lead tracking – when you focus on those people, they will be more inclined to work with you. When they feel like there’s a genuine connection and that you can transform their lives with this program, they’ll be purchasing your program in no time.

I recommend using a lead tracker to write down your leads. It can be super simple (you can even make a folder in your ‘Saved’ area of IG!) but just make sure to track.

5. Engagement

Another key part of selling through IG! This one goes hand-in-hand with lead tracking – engagement is how you find new prospects and your ideal clients. Spend some time each week searching through hashtags for your ideal clients and following/engaging with their profiles.

The key here is to be really genuine. Be picky, and find people you actually are interested in getting to know and who intrigue you. That is where the most authentic connections are made. Being genuine and transparent will take you so far!!

These are the puzzle pieces. Now, what are you going to do next? If you have questions, message me on Instagram (@chels.airola) or comment below!

Don’t forget – if you want to dive even deeper into this info and take your coaching program to the next level, enroll in my mini course Sell OUT Your Coaching. It will get you to those $$$ goals you’ve been searching for, all while providing you with fulfillment because you’ll be working with your dream clients. (Use code BLOGFRIEND for $20 off!) See you inside!