how to attract your dream clients through your content

April 8, 2021

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Do you ever wonder how people online do it?

How do they get their dream clients to sign with them just from seeing their Instagram content or blog posts?

I want to teach you how to do that too.

Hi, I’m Chelsea! I’m a social media manager and marketing mentor – I help health and wellness entrepreneurs grow their brands and get more visible so they can sign more clients and get more sales.

This is something I didn’t learn right in the beginning of my business.

Like not at all – I was posting content that was not even talking to my ideal client, let along attracting them into my community.

I was posting generic content that my ideal client didn’t relate to at all.

Let’s dive into the steps I took to start speaking to my dream clients (and what makes them DM me now out of the blue, asking to work with me).

  1. Narrow Down Who You’re Talking To

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First things first…you need to decide who you want to talk to. The best, most successful coaches and people in my industry I’ve seen have gotten super specific on their ideal client.

How much money do they make? Who do they serve? What’s their ultimate goal/mission in their business?

From these answers, you’ll be able to decipher what they need help with. Ask yourself what problems you can solve for them.

Is your ideal client a former you? That’s how a lot of coaches get started. They’ve figured it out, and now they want to teach others who are currently in the same position as they used to be.

2. Write Down The Problems They Have

This is a super good exercise to not only narrow down your messaging, but also come up with a lot of content ideas! You can also pull from experiences of your current clients, if they are the person you want to serve.

Write down the problems that your ideal client currently faces. Are they lacking in strategy? Direction? Do they feel stuck?

Do they have issues with specific platforms or business practices?

Make your running list of any problem that they currently have that you can refer back to.

Pro Tip: Post on your IG Story that you want to do some market research – do a Poll or question box and ask specific questions…”Do you currently struggle with x or y..” You could also schedule some market research calls and incentivize your ideal client by saying you’ll provide them with a small service or gift card as a thank you for helping you.

3. Start Making Your Problem Awareness Content

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I’ll let you in on a secret – this is the step that most people get wrong or leave out when they are trying to attract their ideal client.

The truth is that your ideal client may not even know that they have this problem.

So, it’s your job to make them aware of it, and then provide their solution.

What is a problem awareness post?

Here are the basic elements:

  • Hook

  • Connection to their problem

  • Why you do what you do

  • Give them a little taste of what could help with this problem/ state their ultimate desire

  • What your offer could do for them

  • Call-to-action to grab your freebie or ask them a connection question to get them engaged

This same structure goes for your mini-trainings on Instagram Stories!

The goal of these posts is to connect with them, relate to them, point out their problem and let them know it doesn’t have to be this way.

You should be posting problem awareness content for about 2 weeks when promoting your offer! You want to stay in this phase of content for a good while, and not sell to them too quickly. Need help writing your problem awareness posts? Book a 45-min strategy call where we map out your content strategy, so you can attract those dreamy clients!

4. Post on Your Instagram Stories with Mini Trainings and Connection Posts

THIS will be the best way to connect with your ideal clients, and have them dying to work with you!

Make sure to show your face, so that your dream clients get to “know”, “like”, and “trust” you. IG Stories is the best way to connect with your audience.

Focus on a mix of mini-trainings – where you train them on a specific topic – and showing behind-the-scenes of your life and business. Show them client results and that you know what you’re talking about!

This will be the key to getting your dream clients sliding into your DMs left and right.

5. Have fun, and don’t force it

This is something I’ve learned during the launches of my new packages and courses.

When I try to force it, it doesn’t happen. Read that again.

When I’m truly having fun with my content, and relating to my ideal client is when the magic happens. If you’re trying to force content by following a script, your personality doesn’t shine through. You may attract the wrong clients (those that aren’t meant for you, or who are looking for a cheaper option).

The key here is to attract those clients who absolutely have to work with you, no matter the price.

People can sense your energy, so if you’re just having fun and truly bringing value to your ideal client, the right people will come.

I’m so excited for you all to work with those dreamy clients!!!

I’d love to support you in any way I can on your business journey! To inquire about my services or packages, click here.